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Danilov G. V., Rochev K. V.
The organizational structure of the Ukhta Technical University Complex. Part 1

The article describes the structure of a typical Soviet institution of higher edu-cation and approaches to its transformation into more modern forms, for example, in a matrix. This article is a brief excerpts from a research note, 2011 on the moderni-zation of the USTU.

Rochev K. V.
An effective material incentives system of the university staff formation results review

This article briefly lists the main results of the material incentives system of the university staff conducted in Ukhta University. Encouraging high school team examined from the perspective of a systematic approach that provides full coverage by material incentives system for the whole team including faculty, staff and students. We highlighted the universal principles and criteria for the evaluation and incentive high school team. Here it is described the technique of the index evaluation of work and we developed the incentives Index system, which includes subsystems of all the above-mentioned university staff segments.