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Yagubov Z. Kh., Yagubov E. Z., Shichev P. S.
Simulation of influence of a defect in the pump and compressor installations on the stator current of the drive motor

In the article considered the possibility of increasing the effectiveness of methods of technical diagnostics equipment such as compressors, which is used as an electric induction motor with squirrel-cage rotor. The essence of the process lies in the manifestation of disturbances on the part of the mechanical part of the machine in the stator of the motor current signal. This effect can be the basis of effective methods of equipment diagnosis, that is characterized by high precision and practicality. Using the software package Matlab version (R2010a) made simulations of the stator current of the motor fluctuations that occur due to the occurrence of oscillations of torque on the motor shaft due to the birth and development of mechanical defects. Simulation model of induction motor based on a system of differential equations that describe the electromechanical energy conversion in an asynchronous machine, expressed in the x, y coordinate a speed of the rotor flux. This structure is complemented by a set of model units defining fluctuations in torque on the shaft.