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Salnikov A. V., Ignatik A. A.
Development of the durability design calculation for the main pipelines

In this paper, it is proposed durability main pipeline calculation method. Fulfilling of developed methodological actions gives the result in the form of allowable operation period for the designed pipeline toper. Proposed as a test, this calculation allows identifying the resource (in years) of the main pipeline. If the designers are satisfied with the result of calculation for the pipeline resource toper, the pipe wall thickness is taken from the strength calculation. If the value of toper does not meet the requirements on reliable operation time of the main pipeline,the pipe wall thickness should be increased to some another value, as other pipeline characteristics are constant. This value is determined by using the developed methodology. The developed methodology includes the hypothesis which is the base of the durability calculation; the list of required input data; the calculation order in the form of a strict sequence of operations – algorithm; recommendations for its implementation on a computer; the design guidelines for providing a desired resource of the main pipelines.

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