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Pavlovskaya A. V., Vishnevskaya N. S., Smeyanova V. S.
Optimization of the operation modes of the natural gas heater with the intermediate coolant on the GDS with different capacities

Gas heating is a function that is responsible for the operational duration of the GDS. The gas-preheating unit is located in front of the reduction unit, further a sharp drop in temperature occurs, which subsequently leads to the formation of hydrates and the freezing of equipment, shut-off valves and piping according to the Joule-Thomson effect. In connection with the insufficient level of automation, it became necessary to improve the natural gas heating system by using an automatic control system – Gas heating Control Unit (GHCU), in which it is required to develop an algorithm by which the gas will be heated to the required temperature. In the actual part of the algorithm, data are collected from the sensors located on the GDS and comparing them with the design ones.