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Litvinov A. A., Kosolapov V. O.
Estimated economic losses generated within the environmental zones

The article explains the procedure of calculation of economic damage caused by formation of the environmental and social impacts in the process of development of natural potential of territories. Methodical recommendations related to the evaluation of impacts within the environmental zones that occur in actual operation around the source of impact at different distances. The conceptual basis for the calculation of economic loss is the reduction of the economic value of a natural resource or a rise in morbidity and mortality depending on the location of the object of perception influence action, i.e. its location in a particular ecological zone. The proposed design equations affect the assessment of economic damage caused by environmental pollution during the development of a mine-Central resource base using open-cut method. De talairan the procedure for calculating the economic valuation of ecological consequences, taking into account the loss of resources within the plant site and the loss of regard with the decline in economic value of natural resources in each of the ecological zones. Proposed average reduction factors economic values and the timing of the restoration of nature’s resources. The order of calculation of economic damages reflected in the proposed algorithm and the list of formulas that reflect the three types of losses associated with zabolevaet stew, disability and mortality. Formulas are disclosed for the assessment of damages, caused by diseases, according to age groups. Economic losses associated with mortality, is based on valuation of statistical life, which requires access to the results of research on the subject and a deep objective analysis of the available data. The article presents recommendations on assessing the average economic damage in pre-development stage-based on the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources. Evaluation of the average value of the economic damages you can make the most informed decisions to develop natural resources with consideration of interests of not only prirodopol entities, but also society.

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