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Nor M. A., Nor E. V., Tskhadaya N. D.
Analysis of the safety of the mining combine during the construction of oil tank

The article describes the experience of using mining combines at the Yarega oil field. To date, data have been obtained both in the construction of mine workings by the combine method, and their operation at extreme temperatures at the final stage of development. An assumption was made about the superiority of the drilling and blasting method of penetrating mining in the oil-bearing formation in terms of ensuring the safety of construction and operation.

Durkin S. M., Morozyuk O. A., Ruzin L. M.
The influence of impermeable interlayers on the technological characteristics of the development of heavy oil and bitumen

In relation to the increase in the share of heavy viscous oil reserves in the world and the difficult economic situation, the oil industry needs new, more effective technologies of its production. Today the only method of extraction of the deposits is thermal. Yarega oil field was one of the first in Russia to have started the oil field development by the method on an industrial scale. Oil field development in small mine blocks is another feature that allowed to test and implement various technologies for more than 40 years of operating experience. Modern software systems are necessary to implement the technologies successfully and carry out numerical model studies on the basis of reliable source data.