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Vishnevskaya N. S., Garin M. A.
Maintaining the reliability of ball valves during operation in winter in the Far North

One of the most important tasks determining the safety of the environment during operation and maintenance of ball valves in the winter in the Far North is the efficiency and trouble-free operation of the gas pipeline.

The frequency of the complex of operations TO-2 is carried out according to the approved schedule of work 1 every 6 months.

Seasonal maintenance of the TO-2 is carried out in the preparation of valves for the autumn-winter and summer periods of operation.

The restoration of the ball valve performance is presented in two variants: 1 – without a project; 2 – with a project.

Vishnevskaya N. S., Garin M. A.
Investigation of the structural reliability (reasons for not tightness) of the DKG EAST ball valve (Hungary) when operating in the Far North

After carrying out a set of works to check the tightness of the cranes in the in gas pipeline section by repositioning the gates in the “closed” position, with the subsequent bleeding of air from the ball space cavity through the drainage pipeline, preliminary information was received about the impermeability of the cranes. In the ball valve, the tightness is provided by means of springs due to pressing the seal of the seat to the spherical surface of the plug. When the pressure in the pipeline increases, force is added from the pressure of the working medium to the seat, so that the seat is permanently attached to the plug. Increase the reliability of the ball valve and the multiple increase in the service life of the valve seals due to the change in the sealing of the ball valve. To increase the structural reliability due to the extended service life due to the simplification of the maintenance of the shut-off valves, the ball valve model was used in low ambient temperatures. The technical result consists in simplifying the construction and is achieved by the fact that it contains a dismountable body in which an ellipsoidal plug with a horizontal through hole is installed.

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