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Zhangabylov R. A.
The first results of the use of the mine method of developing oil fields on Yarega: drilling underground wells

Ukhta State Technical University, Ukhta In the series of articles, the first results of the industrial application of the mine method of oil production in the conditions of the Yarega field in the period 1939-1944 are reviewed. Based on the analysis of literary sources, archival materials, the basic prerequisites for the use of the mining […]

Nekuchaev V. O., Mikheev D. M.
Method and results of the investigation of the field of permanent magnets action on the rheology of anomalous oils of the Timan-Pechora Oil and Gas Province

In this paper, we investigated the effect of a magnetic field on the flow curves and the viscosity of anomalous oils in the flow-through processing mode and com-pared the results with the effect of heat treatment. An experimental setup was devel-oped to study the effect of a constant magnetic field of different configurations on the rheological characteristics of oils in steady state and flow-through conditions.

Durkin S. M., Trulev A. V., Menshikova I. N.
Improvement of technology for development of high-viscosity oil deposits with low thickness

The article presents the developed technology to improve the efficiency of in-volving the reserves of high – viscosity oil concentrated in complex reservoirs, the effective oil-saturated thickness of which does not exceed 6–15 m to maximize the extraction of hydrocarbons, it is proposed to use a horizontal well, which will serve as a production and injection well. One of the main problems is the ability of deep pumping equipment to operate at high temperatures during steam injection. Nevertheless, this problem is solved with the help of new developed technical means

Ilyasov D. A., Petrov S.V.
The accounting of frictional force when pumping oil by pipeline

This article provides an analysis of the methods of pipeline transportation of high-viscosity and hardens oils. In addition, calculated the temperature of the oil transport for real pipeline, taking into account the friction force.

Durkin S. M., Morozyuk O. A., Ruzin L. M.
The influence of impermeable interlayers on the technological characteristics of the development of heavy oil and bitumen

In relation to the increase in the share of heavy viscous oil reserves in the world and the difficult economic situation, the oil industry needs new, more effective technologies of its production. Today the only method of extraction of the deposits is thermal. Yarega oil field was one of the first in Russia to have started the oil field development by the method on an industrial scale. Oil field development in small mine blocks is another feature that allowed to test and implement various technologies for more than 40 years of operating experience. Modern software systems are necessary to implement the technologies successfully and carry out numerical model studies on the basis of reliable source data.