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Posts in category RES. 2018. Issue 3

Morozova Z. V., Salnikov A. V.
Development of a protective coating for structures with increased corrosion resistance and icing resistance

The article deals with the development of protective coatings of structures with high corrosion resistance and resistance to leaking. Based on analytical and experimental studies, a multi-layer composite design of the protective coating was proposed and its components were selected, its effectiveness was experimentally evaluated.

Nor M. A., Nor E. V., Tskhadaya N. D.
Analysis of the safety of the mining combine during the construction of oil tank

The article describes the experience of using mining combines at the Yarega oil field. To date, data have been obtained both in the construction of mine workings by the combine method, and their operation at extreme temperatures at the final stage of development. An assumption was made about the superiority of the drilling and blasting method of penetrating mining in the oil-bearing formation in terms of ensuring the safety of construction and operation.

Ivanov A. I., Khusainov R. M., Mastobaev B. N.
Railway transport of liquid cargo of Germany of the mid-XX century

The paper considers the stages of the formation and development of rail transport of hydrocarbons in Germany. The approach to the design and construction of railway tanks, the elements of their equipment is shown. The management railway companies, manufacturing plants and the influence of the political situation on their work and technologies for the construction of railway tanks are noted. Keywords

Burkov P. V., Dudnikov V. Yu., Osadchaya G. G.
Increasing the bearing capacity of soils during the construction and operation of oil and gas industry facilities

The need to improve the operational reliability of oil and gas facilities in the cryolithozone by increasing the carrying capacity of soils through the use of technology and technical means to control their physico-chemical properties is indicated.

Zorin A. E., Zorin N. E., Chernyatin A. S.
A development of approaches to service long-term operated oil and gas pipelines

The article substantiates and proposes a new concept for the maintenance of oil and gas pipelines in their long-term operation, which is based on use of extended information about the current condition and actual features of the operation analyzed areas. Presented the results of experimental research and development, in terms of obtaining non-destructive rapid assessment of the metal pipes condition, testing of metal pipes, studies of the impact of operational factors on the performance of pipelines, allowing to implement the proposed concept.

Mustafin F. M., Chen Qun, Halikov R. R., Mustafin O. F.
Improving the passive corrosion protection system of pipelines

In this work provides an overview of the corrosion process and presented the results of scientific researching works by department “Construction and Maintenance of Oil and Gas Pipelines and Storages” aimed at improving the protection of metal structures from corrosion.

Voronik A. M., Kamenskikh S. V., Ulyasheva N. M.
Analysis and estimation of parameters of the lightweight corrosion resistant grouting mixture

The article presents theoretical and laboratory studies to determine the technological properties and parameters developed by the authors lightweight corrosion resistant cement blend designed for well cementing cementing serovodoroda in highpermeability rocks. Analyzed in detail the existing formulations of cement slurries and mixtures used in the cementing of wells in the conditions of acquisitions and hydrogen sulfide aggression. Researched and established based on the basic technological properties and parameters of the developed lightweight corrosion resistant grouting mixture concentration and particle size of the granulated foam glass.

Bykov I. Yu., Chuprov I. F., Oskorbin I. A.
Methods of statistical evaluation of the dynamics of dehydration of fixed volumes of oil emulsions under the influence of a rotating electromagnetic field

The article describes the method of statistical evaluation of the separation of resistant oil emulsions under the influence of a rotating electromagnetic field. At the same time, verification procedures were performed to assess the reliability of experimental results. Single-factor dependences are obtained for the predictive calculation of the water content parameter S as a function of the induction value B of a rotating electromagnetic field with a known optimal exposure time t. The dependence B = f(S) at t = const was also obtained, which allows us to estimate the magnitude of induction B of the rotating electromagnetic field required for the process to achieve a given value of water content S when the oil emulsion is dehydrated. A two-factor dependence of the form S = f(B, t) was also obtained, which allows to evaluate the efficiency of dewatering the emulsion in the case of various combinations of the parameters B and t. The quality assessment of the two-factor linear model was made by a statistical method.