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Posts in category RES. 2017. Issue 4

Nuriev S. N.
Control over achievement of budgetary indicators: types and stages of conducting

The article deals with the stages of monitoring the achievement of budgetary performance, such as: budget analysis, identifying deviations under articles, analysis of causes of deviations, development of a plan of measures to optimize costs to achieve budget targets, the adoption of managerial decisions on the implementation of the budget of the LLC Cenrig.

Volkov A. A., Volkova I. I.
On the kinetic hydrate inhibitors

The effect of different factors on the kinetics of natural gas hydrate formation is discussed in the paper. Based on the Langmuir equation, the polyelectrolytes are defined to be adsorbed on the surface of kinetic hydrate inhibitors like polyvi-nylcaprolactam (PVСар) forming a monomolecular film.

Isaev A. A., Takhautdinov R. Sh., Malykhin V. I., Sharifullin A. A.
Comparative analysis of the efficiency of various acid compositions and demulsifiers in production wells

Experiments have been carried out to evaluate the efficiency of dissolving car-bonate deposits. The effect of the reactant on the change in the filtration characteris-tics of a carbonate porous medium has been studied. The selection of components for an oil-acid compound based on the chemical product Sulfoil-K for acid fracturing in high-temperature wells was carried out. We showed the possibility of using the Sul-foil-K chemical product as a basis for preparation of acid compounds for cleaning the downhole pumping equipment from deposits of carbonate salts, as well as and additive for preparation of a filter cake removal compound based on hydrogen perox-ide. A comparative analysis of the demulsifiers Reapon OFC-D and Divoil was car-ried out.

Kamenskikh S. V.
Research and formulation biopolymer bridging of the mixture for elimination of lost circulation in permeable rocks

The studies of many domestic and foreign scientists, as well as field experience in drilling operations show that acquisitions are one of the most common and costly types of complications. Therefore, the development of drilling technology in condi-tions of acquisitions is an important task and requires comprehensive study to ensure high-quality insulation of high permeable rocks. However, the situation is complicat-ed by the diversity of mining and geological drilling conditions and absorbing layers, which can vary widely, resulting in the use of “traditional” and the same methods of elimination of acquisitions is ineffective. It is shown that one of the promising and ef-fective methods of absorbing layers isolation is mudding. The article presents part of the experimental studies for determining the intensity of mudding from time to time using a high temperature press high pressure filter. Developed by biopolymer bridg-ing of the mixture to effectively collaterality highly permeable ceramic filters in a relatively short time.

Isaev A. A., Takhautdinov R. Sh., Malykhin V. I., Sharifullin A. A.
Analysis of the solvent capacity of various hydrocarbon solvents for various types of asphaltene, resin and paraffin deposits (ARPD)

The efficiency of hydrocarbon solvents for ARPD on the basis of by-products of petrochemical products is evaluated. The dissolving efficiency of the absorbents A2, Bottom Residue of Benzene Distillation (BRBD) and Bottom Residue of Ethyl Ben-zene Distillation (BRED) and compositions based on them is defined. It has been found that the solvent capacity of petroleum solvents with respect to ARPD grows as the content of aromatic hydrocarbons increases. Recommendations have been made to enable the hydrocarbon solvent to penetrate the inner layers of ARPD through a water film enveloping asphalt-resin and paraffin agglomerates.

Nekuchaev V. O., Sokolov A. A.
Nonstationary properties of the flow curves of anomalous oils

Experimental studies of the thixotropic properties of the high-paraffin oil of the Kyrtayolskoe field and the high-viscosity bituminous oil Usa permo-carbon field were carried out in the work. Flow curves for different temperatures are recorded, hyste-resis loops are fixed, and loop area dependences, characterizing the degree of thixot-ropy, are plotted against temperature. An experimental method for measuring non-stationary parameters of thixotropic oils using a pulse-intermittent method of defor-mation of an oil sample and recording a flow curve was experimentally realized.

Pelmegov R. V.
Automated repair of logging data

The article is devoted to development of scientific foundations, methods and techniques for automated control and processing of the recorded data when conduct-ing geophysical surveys in wells. The question of the cessation of logging on a specif-ic well related to the expert expressed confidence in obtaining the qualitative results of the conducted research. The author argues the need to use automated tools for fault detection and quality control of recorded data directly at the end of the re-search. The algorithm and discussed in detail the mathematics of solving the problem of evaluating recording quality of data of geophysical researches of wells with the use of methods of iterative modeling of incomplete data with the help of manifolds of small dimension. The examples demonstrate the high efficiency of the methods of it-erative modeling of incomplete data with the help of manifolds of small dimension in the problem of filling data gaps geophysical studies and the results of numerical ex-periment for the solution of the problem of quality control data of electric logging.

Yushin E. S.
Technical development of domestic and foreign key designs for working with oil and gas pipes and sucker rods

In this article, an analysis is made of the technical development of existing key designs for manual and mechanized screwing and unscrewing of threaded joints of oil and gas pipes and sucker rods.

Pantileenko V. N.
Use of expanded polystyrene concrete for bulk-block construction in the Northern conditions

The erection of buildings from ready-made object blocks in the Arctic zone al-lows to significantly reduce the construction time due to the transfer of more than two-thirds of the works to the factory conditions. The developed material for these purposes (expanded polystyrene concrete) allows reducing the weight of the box-boxes by 25–30 % with a significant increase in crack resistance and durability.

Danilov G. V., Rochev K. V.
The organizational structure of the Ukhta Technical University Complex. Part 1

The article describes the structure of a typical Soviet institution of higher edu-cation and approaches to its transformation into more modern forms, for example, in a matrix. This article is a brief excerpts from a research note, 2011 on the moderni-zation of the USTU.