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Posts in category RES. 2017. Issue 2

Marakova I. A, Zaborovskaya V. V.
Application of the integrated modular IRAP RMS system for calculating oil and gas reserves in the educational environment at the Department of Combustion and Solid Minerals Geology

The article describes the algorithmization of the methodology for working in the IRAP RMS system in the calculation of resources and oil and gas reserves used in practical and laboratory classes in the disciplines “Calculation of reserves and evaluation of oil and gas resources, “Fundamentals of Computer Technology”. The work is aimed at integrating the educational process with the production needs of modern enterprises that are interested in specialists capable at the initial stage of developing innovative approaches to the construction of geological models and estimating resources, calculating hydrocarbon reserves using modern software systems.

Kamenskikh S. V.
The study and analysis of the influence of hydrogen sulfide in rock cutting and drilling tools

The article studied and analyzed the theoretical and laboratory studies to assess the impact of pH and concentration of hydrogen sulfide in rock cutting and drilling tools. It is established that with increase in pH resistance of the drill bit increases with increasing concentration of hydrogen sulphide resource (durability) of rock cutting tool decreases. It is shown that the formation water containing hydrogen sulphide, aggressive oil with H2S, in spite of lower concentration. It was confirmed that in conditions of hydrogen sulfide aggression you need to apply more “soft” steel and high-alkaline drilling fluids.

Kayukov V. V., Metelev M. A.
The role of oil and gas enterprises in the development of the national economy

A detailed description of the role of NGC enterprises in the development of the national economy is given. Decisions of key institutional-economic interdependencies are formulated. The basis for the low renewal of NGK capacities at present is determined.

Pantileenko V. N., Oglotkin V. A.
Frost resistance of concrete with the addition of expanded polystyrene

In construction it is necessary to solve questions of improvement of quality, durability, effectiveness of concrete and reinforced concrete. One of the major reasons for the increase of durability and lifetime of structures is to increase the frost resistance of concrete.
Frost resistance determines the durability and reliable operation of the structures. Frost destruction of concrete reduces the lifespan of structures, reduces the time between overhauls cycles, leading to high costs for repair and recovery.
Research topic involves the implementation of scientific and practical researches in the field of increase of frost resistance of concrete due to the use of polystyrene foam.

Bushueva A. I.
The main problems of urban development in the conditions of the Russian Arctic in the case of the Republic of Komi

Formation of a market economy is in contradiction with the current urban policy. There is a discrepancy between the current system of settlement economic conditions of enterprises. In the Russian Arctic environment are high costs of livelihood of individual settlements, enterprises, industries. Population migration, unfavorable demographic processes are a prerequisite to the formation of a new looks at the placement of the productive forces and resettlement.

Kolominova M. V.
The study of the work of pickers of logging residues in terms of power inputs and labor costs

Clearing felling of forest residues is a major process logging. Enabling technologies for the operation and promotion of natural regeneration is the technology with the use of picker crane and rake type. In the article the technique of calculation time of specific power inputs and specific labor costs for various ways of skidding for these types of equipment.

Platonov A. A.
On boundary conditions for modeling the working space of the manipulator machines

When removing unwanted shoots in the railway line can be used machine with a manipulator. The article deals with simulation of a spherical workspace of the manipulator are specified restrictions reduce the actual size of the working area of the manipulator. Presents the scheme of determining the limits of the workspace with the corresponding mathematical dependencies, taking into account design features of the vehicle and the railway track.

Isaev A. A., Takhautdinov R. Sh., Malykhin V. I., Sharifullin A. A., Arkhipov K. I.
Design of new installations for operation of multilayer oil wells

A multipacker installation (MPI) has been designed, which allows operating 3 or more layers separately. The device UORE-RPP has been designed that allows switching stream flows between the layers to operate only one of them, while for operating the other layer it is necessary to perform refitting of plungers. Both of the developed installations were implemented on wells of JSC “Sheshmaoil”, and positive results were achieved. A patent has been obtained.

Pavlovskaya A. V., Vishnevskaya N. S., Smeyanova V. S.
Optimization of the operation modes of the natural gas heater with the intermediate coolant on the GDS with different capacities

Gas heating is a function that is responsible for the operational duration of the GDS. The gas-preheating unit is located in front of the reduction unit, further a sharp drop in temperature occurs, which subsequently leads to the formation of hydrates and the freezing of equipment, shut-off valves and piping according to the Joule-Thomson effect. In connection with the insufficient level of automation, it became necessary to improve the natural gas heating system by using an automatic control system – Gas heating Control Unit (GHCU), in which it is required to develop an algorithm by which the gas will be heated to the required temperature. In the actual part of the algorithm, data are collected from the sensors located on the GDS and comparing them with the design ones.

Dudnikov V. Y., Dudnikova S. A.
The directions of the useful use of the heat of gas mixtures in the Sosnogorsk gas processing plant

This paper presents an overview of the research devoted to the problem of the creation of energy-efficient systems on the basis of useful heat of exhaust gases of gas turbine plants. Methods of optimizing the cost of heat are described. Solutions are proposed for the construction of energy-efficient systems.

Zasovskaya M. А.
Computer simulation methods in quantum-chemical study of complexes and clusters of water, thionyl chloride and its hydrolysis products in the gas phase

To determine the most probable channels of thionyl chloride hydrolysis pa-rameters of formation reactions of complexes and water clusters, thionyl chloride and its hydrolysis products in a gas phase were investigated by methods of quan-tum and chemical simulation B3LYP/6–311++G(2d, 2р), MP2/aug-cc-pVTZ and G4. Structural, thermodynamic and spectral characteristics of such complexes as H2O(H2O)n, n = 1–5,7, SOCl2(H2O)n, H+(H2O)n, OH–(H2O)n, Cl–(H2O)n, SOCl+(H2O)n, (SOCl2(H2O)n)–, SOCl(OH)(H2O)n, n = 1–4; HCl(H2O)n, n = 1–5 were determined. Various variants of formation and decomposition of these parti-cles were considered. It was established that we should consider reactions of neu-tral clusters (H2O)n и SOCl2(H2O)n as the most probable channels of hydrolysis.