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Posts in category RES. 2017. Issue 1

Marakova I. A., Rostovschikov V. B.
Conditions and stages of formation traps in the Permian clastic sediments in the northeastern part of the Timan-Pechora province

The Timan-Pechora oil and gas province exist geological models anticlinal and non-anticlinal traps in the Middle Paleozoic clastic-carbonate sediments. This is due to their severity of both seismic data and GIS data.
A new trend is to predict and search for deposits in clastic sediments of Permian age through the development of morphogenetic characteristics of the formation of traps on the geological and geophysical data.
This article deals with some aspects of forecasting the traps of various types, which were formed in the clastic sediments of the Permian, in the north-eastern part of TPNGP within the northern part of Kolvinsky shaft Sorokin Labogeyskoy Monocline Korotaihinskoy depression.
The prospects of Permian sediments is confirmed by the public within the study area, both in the mainland and the water area, at different levels, different density of oil deposits, including heavy [1].
The findings identify a need to develop a scientific approach to the identification of the conditions of formation and regularities of oil and gas facilities in the terrigenous Permian.

Zemlyansky V., Vlasenko V., Pecherin V., Timofeyeva T.
Features of the structure, mining, flotation method of enrichment and processing of ore at oil and titan on OPOF JSC «YaregaRuda» with complex use of concentrate and the production of waste

The article describes an overview of the current state of the present and future development of the Yaregskoye oil and titan field, the unique mineral resource base of the titanium industry of Russia. The results of exploration, construction, processing and flotation dressing redistribution in its development. The field relates to Ukhta-Izhemsky megaswells Timan anteclise. It is an ancient coastal-marine placers Middle Devonian. The physical properties of the drill cores, chemical and mineral composition of silica-titanium concentrate.

Osadchaya G. G., Lazareva V. G., Seratirova V. V., Zengina T. Yu.
Subtundra forests of Komi Republic: environmental and social outcomes of nature management

The results of the territorial analysis of nature management and the prospects of preserving the environmental and social functions of subtundra forests of the Komi Republic in the conditions of large-scale economic expansion are discussed. The value of the territories occupied by different types of intensive and extensive nature management are calculated. It found that the western part of subtundra forest zone is characterized by the maximum loss with the minor social consequences. The main impact on the modern natural and social environment accounted the central and eastern part of the region and is associated with the formation of oil and gas transport infrastructure.

Kamenskikh S. V.
Assessment of the causes of differential holding straps boring tool

In article the main reasons for emergence of differential holding straps which are one of the most often met and labor-consuming types of accidents are investigated and analyzed. Pilot studies with use of both the domestic, and import equipment and materials are conducted. Quantitative dependences of various factors influencing intensity of differential holding straps in high-permeability rocks are established.

Bushueva A. I.
Analysis of the current scientific and technical policy of the company OOO Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta

The analysis of the scientific and technical state of production allows us to describe the key factors of the company structure-technical policy of Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta. The theoretical analysis of the main objectives and principles of technical policy of the company, promising areas of maintenance of the gas industry of the Komi Republic, the principles of selection criteria for the analysis of the technical condition of production, as well as the main tasks of maintaining operational reliability, efficiency and safety of existing facilities.

Isaev A. A., Takhautdinov R. Sh., Malykhin V. I., Sharifullin A. A., Arkhipov K. I.
Isolation layers and isolation of cross-flows by applying water-swellable packers

Various formulations of produced rubber, samples of which swell in various media, were investigated, analysis of well casing complications was carried out and results of field trial of water- and oil-swellable packers were obtained. Composition of a water- and oil-swellable rubber was developed based on the survey results. Introduction of swellable packers allowed decreasing water cut of wells compared to basic wells and eliminate water shut-off treatments.

Smirnov Yu. G., Batkin I. S.
Mathematical model of the conductivity of oil-water emulsion

Theoretical analysis and mathematical model of the behavior of oil-water emulsion droplets in an electric field was completed. It is shown that the real time monitoring of emulsion conductivity allows control the dynamics of the emulsion droplets consolidation in the electrocoalescence process.

Kopeykin V. А.
The problem of disposal of radioactive waste

The article is devoted to the disposal of nuclear waste, historical and regulatory review of this issue. In the article considered the situation in the Vodnyi of the Komi Republic. Сleaning and disposal of radioactive waste located in this village are needed, it is also recommended to include residents of Vodnyi to category «residing in the radiation-controlled area» and register them for the prescribed medical supervision and assign of the benefits proposed by the law.

Klimova I. V., Fatkhutdinov R. I.
Control and preventive inspections as a basis for production control at hazardous production facilities

Production control over observance of requirements of industrial safety and labor protection (further production control or PC), as one of the most important elements of management system of industrial safety and labor protection at hazardous production facilities (HPF) is a key factor in creating conditions for trouble-free operation of the HPF and reduce occupational injuries data objects. The introduction of the PC in the enterprise is the first step in the formation of an effective of management system of industrial safety and labor protection (further management system or MSISLP). The article provides an overview of oil companies standards for the PC and the data of the results of the control and preventive inspections, identified their main advantages and disadvantages. On the basis of the identified deficiencies ways of their elimination.

Berdnik A. G., Berdnik M. M.
Risk factors in the field of industrial safety

The analysis of statistical data on violations of oil and gas facilities were the causes of accidents and fatal injuries. It identifies a number of factors, which are more influenced by the level of industrial safety organization. Each factor was considered in view of the prevailing socio-ekonomic relations in modern society. Established causation between risk factors at hazardous production facilities. The scheme.

Grunskoiy T. V., Perkhutkin V. P.
Management of the underground employment of safety mining in oil mines Yaregskaya field

In the context of the intensification of oil mining method of particular relevance in the safety management takes timely and reliable information about the conditions of employment of staff before and after the technical upgrade tools. Management capabilities increase with the functional restructuring of the controlled system with subsequent regulation of processes occurring in it. This control provides a system upgrade for its function-conditioning with maximum efficiency.
The work is dedicated to the implementation of the methodological principles of safety management through better information to provide, followed by the identification of the priority of the negative factors of production to reduce their levels. This mechanism of safety management with the intensification of tunnel works provided a comprehensive assessment of the impact of the procedure of negative factors on workers.

Tskhadaya N. D., Bykov A. I.
To calculate some baseline data for assessing the potential fire risk of the linear part of gas pipeline

It is shown that the evaluation of the potential fire risk P(r) (annum-1) for a point x at distance r from the axis of the main gas pipeline (hereinafter – MG) depends on a number of initial parameters. Existing methods consider the calculation of these parameters in the most general form. Example of calculation of initial parameters to identify potential fire risk P(r) (annum-1) in the emergency section at break of the linear part of main gas pipeline is dedicated to this article.