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Posts in category RES. 2016. Issue 4

Dudnikov V. Y., Dudnikova S. A.
The base station as a key element of the monitoring system plan-height position interfield pipeline Yarega – Ukhta

This paper proposes to implement the construction of a geodetic network in the form of an automated information system of coordinate and time support of the pipeline using the IAG reference frame of the base station based on a multi-frequency receiver GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/COMPASS (Beidou) that installed in the educational building of USTU.

Salnikov A. V., Shcherbatyuk Y. V.
Investigation of the effect of temperature on the change of solvent removal efficiency of asphaltene deposits from small diameter pipe studs

The article deals with the small-diameter pipe cleaning from asphaltene deposits chemical method. Particular attention is paid to assessing the effectiveness of dissolving fat, depending on the temperature treatment process and the dissolution rate of detection depending on the temperature of the solvent.

Keyn S. A., Dolinin O. O.
Research of forces arising at the movement of an upsetting column in wells with big withdrawal from a vertical

One of ways of descent of upsetting columns in wells with big withdrawal from a vertical is filling of the lower site of a column with the facilitated agent. Thus the size of the stretched part of a column increases at increase in a difference between density of boring solution and density of the agent and length of the site filled with the agent. It is established that the simplification of the lower part of a column leads to decrease in friction forces by 3–5 times.

Marakova I. A., Zaborovskaya V. V., Ovcharova T. A.
Competence model of the graduate specialty “Applied Geology”: essence, problems and prospects

The article describes the scheme of formation of competence model of the graduate specialty “Applied Geology”. In the projected model made forecast by means of questionnaires, ability to possession of general cultural, general professional, occupational and vocational and specialized competencies which most demanded by potential employers. On the basis of the given results, it gives a conclusion of the problems and prospects of the competence approach in general and extent conformity the needs of potential employers.

Aleksandrov O. J., Gus’kov S. S., Aginej R. V., Aleksandrov J. V.
Theoretical basis of modeling the geomagnetically induced currents affecting the oil and gas pipelines

Variations of the Earth magnetic field can have a significant impact on “pipe-to-soil” potential owing to the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. There has been suggested a mathematical model of the formation geomagnetically induced current in the underground pipeline enables to make the calculation of the current amperage and the “pipe-to-soil” potential using such parameters as longi-tudinal resistance of the pipeline, conductivity of the insulation coating and the ex-ternal electric field intensity.

Zakharov D. Y., Yamaeva E. G., Shcherbatyuk Y. V.
Improvement of quality of administrative and production controlling by involvement of employers of all levels in process of dangers search

For safe and qualitative work of industry objects, it is necessary to have the effective system of administrative and industrial control. The main difficulty in the creating of such system is coordination of its levels.
In this article the usage of the system with the help of which every worker of an enterprise can identify sources of danger, denote them thus prevent accidents is proposed.

Valiev V. N., Strovsky V. E.
Substantiation of directions of environmental activity in a mining enterprise

The article reveals the contents of the environmental performance in terms of mining enterprises in the transition from ecologized to a green strategy. Distinctive features of resource-saving and environment protection environmental policy, as well as the effectiveness of the implementation of environmentally sound technologies in terms of environmental resources and payback. Based on the experience of formation of the organizational structure with the open method of field development and the results of the analysis of job descriptions and positions about departments proposals on the allocation of responsibilities of environmental service workers. Recommended list of duties reflects all areas of environmental activities: production, organizational and administrative, control and regulating, personnel, financial and environmental. The content of the duties associated with the content of environmental activities, and interaction environmental services – conjugated functional departments of the administrative apparatus, the main, auxiliary and service shops.

Devaltovsky E. E.
Analysis of the elastic interaction between vertically – loaded pile with homogeneous soil

In this article an attempt is made to clarify how the piles transfers loads to the surrounding soil. The analysis method is based on the consideration of the elastic deformation of the soil, characterized by shear modulus Gs and Poisson’s ratio.

Kolominova M. V.
Indicators of efficiency of mobile chippers

Currently on a logging site widely used mobile equipment to produce technological and chip fuel. These machines are not only efficient, but consumeforming a lot of electricity and requires significant investment of human labor. In the article the technique of calculation time of the hourly output, specific power inputs and specific expenditure of labour for mobile chippers.

Yushin E. S.
Design elements of the experimental stand for research of performance of threaded joints of tubing in hydrogen sulfide environments

This article presents the main design elements of the proposed technical solu-tions to practically implement the patented mechanism for current divergent studies of the performance of tubing in multiple screwing and unscrewing in hydrogen sul-fide environments.

Salnikov A. V., Baghdasaryan S. K.
Development of magnetic cleaning scraper made of composite materials for the removal of mechanical impurities from the pipelines

The paper deals with the cavity of the main pipeline. Based on the analysis of existing designs of treatment facilities in the proposed cleaning scraper made of composite materials, equipped with neodymium magnets. Particular attention is paid to the development of the construction of such a scraper and increase its effec-tiveness.