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Posts in category RES. 2016. Issue 2

Efimova I. A., Salin A. N.
Features of geodetic works at the device and operation oil and gas equipment in difficult engineering-geological conditions

The article attempts to analyze the state geodetic support in the Far North and the Arctic shelf, and also talked about the use of various technologies of satellite positioning in relation to the construction and operation of hydrocarbon fields.

Kamenskikh S. V.
Application of bactericides for protection from biogenous hydrogen sulfide

In article experience of application of bactericides for protection from biogenous hydrogen sulfide is analysed both when drilling, and at operation of oil and gas fields; laboratory researches of decomposition of polymeric compositions were conducted and the high-PH drilling mud capable to resist to negative influence of hydrogen sulfide is developed.

Sokolovskaya E. N.
Analysis of the dynamics and efficiency of cash flow (on the example of OOO Helios Management Company)

The paper considers the technique of cash flow analysis on the example of a specific organization according to the financial statements. Cash flows are analyzed by using direct and indirect methods. The amount of net cash flow is predicted by correlation and regression analysis. The duration of financial and operational cycles is determined on the basis of the analysis of receivables and payables. The degree of synchronicity (balance) cash flow is established using the correlation coefficient of positive and negative cash flows.

Samatova T. B., Zashchepina V. V.
The intellectual capital of the organization: the analysis of management efficiency

The article is devoted to the analysis and evaluation of efficiency of intellectual capital management organization. On the basis of systematization and generalization of scientific works of domestic and foreign authors, the article presents the author’s definition and structure of intellectual capital of the organization. The technique analyzes intellectual capital management efficiency based on the relationship of organization resources. The results of the analysis allowed to identify “weak points” in resource management and to offer recommendations for the improvement of intellectual capital management.

Saifullina S. F.
Issues of assess the effectiveness of innovation projects of oil companies

It is impossible to objectively evaluate various innovative projects of oil companies and make an informed choice in the formation of the program of innovative projects based on exclusively traditional approaches to evaluating the economic efficiency of investment projects. The article proposes an approach to evaluating the effectiveness and the definition of the criterion of efficiency of innovative projects of oil companies. The developed approach takes into account features of innovative development of Russian oil companies, the specifics of the implementation of the innovation process in the fuel and energy complex.

Litvinov A. A., Kosolapov V. O.
Estimated economic losses generated within the environmental zones

The article explains the procedure of calculation of economic damage caused by formation of the environmental and social impacts in the process of development of natural potential of territories. Methodical recommendations related to the evaluation of impacts within the environmental zones that occur in actual operation around the source of impact at different distances. The conceptual basis for the calculation of economic loss is the reduction of the economic value of a natural resource or a rise in morbidity and mortality depending on the location of the object of perception influence action, i.e. its location in a particular ecological zone. The proposed design equations affect the assessment of economic damage caused by environmental pollution during the development of a mine-Central resource base using open-cut method. De talairan the procedure for calculating the economic valuation of ecological consequences, taking into account the loss of resources within the plant site and the loss of regard with the decline in economic value of natural resources in each of the ecological zones. Proposed average reduction factors economic values and the timing of the restoration of nature’s resources. The order of calculation of economic damages reflected in the proposed algorithm and the list of formulas that reflect the three types of losses associated with zabolevaet stew, disability and mortality. Formulas are disclosed for the assessment of damages, caused by diseases, according to age groups. Economic losses associated with mortality, is based on valuation of statistical life, which requires access to the results of research on the subject and a deep objective analysis of the available data. The article presents recommendations on assessing the average economic damage in pre-development stage-based on the unsustainable exploitation of natural resources. Evaluation of the average value of the economic damages you can make the most informed decisions to develop natural resources with consideration of interests of not only prirodopol entities, but also society.

Kayukov V. V.
The concept of social capital and the well-being of Russian cities

The problem of state and municipal management is an important element of ensuring the effectiveness of the national economy and well-being of Russian cities. To solve this problem, the institutional characteristics of the regularities of this phenomenon, which can with some degree of accuracy to give by researching the category of social capital is necessary. In the article the author comes to the conclusion that the development of social capital is an objective rationale for the choice of the optimal ratio of democratic institutions and paternalistic management model and more efficient, prosperous urban development.

Zasovskaya M. А.
Computer modeling in quantum chemical studies hydrolysis of thionyl chlorid dihydrate part of mono- and dicomplex

Methods of quantum chemistry (DFT, MP2, G4 and CCSD (T)) calculated energies, thermodynamical and kinetic coordinates of the partial reactions of hydrolysis of thionyl chloride (SOCl2) in a gas phase as a part of mono- and dihydrated complexes. Optimization of molecular geometry and searching of all intermediates and transient states were executed on B3LYP/6-311 ++ by G (2d, 2r) and MP2/6-311 ++G (3df, 3pd) levels. For key stationary points optimization at the CCSD (T)/cc-pVDZ and CCSD (T)/aug-cc-pVTZ levels was executed. For di- and trimolecular reactions complete, continuous paths of reaction of minimum energy were constructed to connect all found stationary points. Results show that padding coordination of a molecule of water leads to the considerable decrease of activation energy. Also there is an increase in reaction rate of hydrolysis in 6 (B3LYP/6-311 ++ G (2d, 2p)) and 36 times (CCSD (T, full) / aug-cc-pVTZ//B3LYP/6-311 ++ G (2d, 2p)).

Smirnov Yu. G., Batkin I. S.
Mathematical model of the combined effects of electric and magnetic fields in oil emulsion

A mathematical model describing the combined action of external electric and magnetic fields with dosed admixture of superparamagnetic nanoparticles in wateroil emulsion was constructed. It was shown that the proposed approach enables ensure optimal conditions for the management of the destruction of emulsions.

Vakula E. Yu.
Analysis of methods for removing unwanted vegetation on railway lines

The article is a scientific review. It is devoted to the problem of creation of highly efficient equipment for the destruction of unwanted vegetation. Moreover, to prevent the recurrence of its growth in the technical impact of the railway line. The analytical description of operation of different ways. Noted, that the design does not meet modern environmental requirements. Considering the existing advantages and disadvantages of the considered methods, the necessity of further scientific and technical development and design engineering is proved to improve machines of this technological purpose.

Kolominova M. V.
Indicators of efficiency of four-side planer for planar and profile wood processing

Currently in woodworking is widely used equipment, allowing to produce products of quality, corresponding to European standards. These machines are not only efficient, but also consumes a lot of electricity and requires significant investment of human labor. The article discusses the calculations of the hourly output, specific power inputs and specific expenditure of labour for woodworking equipment.

Bykov I. Yu., Chuprov I. F., Oskorbin I. A.
Evaluation of statistical relationships from experimental data processing of oil emulsions in circulation mode rotating electromagnetic field

The results of a quantitative estimation of the time the best result of dehydration of oil emulsions in the laboratory experimental stand under the influence of rotating electromagnetic field for given values of the magnetic induction and functional relationship described in these conditions, the decrease in water content from its entry to the lowest achievable values.

Isaev A. A., Malykhin V. I., Sharifullin A. A., Borodin N. A., Afanasyeva L. A., Khasanov L. R.
Experience of wells operation using PCP units with surface drive in the Republic of Tatarstan

Decrease of service life of pumping rods was determined as the viscosity of extracted fluid is growing. Analysis of repairs of Cavity Pumping Units was performed. Wear rates of elastomer were determined depending on cumulative number of rotor revolutions, water cut of well production, content of solid admixtures in extracted fluid, bubble-point pressure, fluid level inside borehole, as well as under favourable conditions of operation. Main complicating factors were determined affecting performance of a sucker rod pump.

Isaev A. A., Malykhin V. I., Sharifullin A. A., Borodin N. A., Afanasyeva L. A., Khasanov L. R.
Endurance of rods under PCP operation of wells and development of centralizers for sucker rods

Breakdown factors of Cavity Pumping Units were determined and analysis of rods parting was carried out. Distribution of partings of drilling string per typical sizes of pumps and structural components is shown. Dependence of service life of rods on maximum angle of borehole inclination and number of pump shaft revolutions has been experimentally obtained. Statistical relationship between depth of drill string parting and inclination angle at the parting point has been established and centralizers for pumping rods have been designed.

Shakirzyanov D. I., Koptyaeva G. B.
Prospects for research into new materials at hardness testing

The article provides an overview of the application of ultra hard material – fullerene, in areas such as processing of metal and other materials, in scientific research, especially for measuring the hardness of superhard materials, including diamonds.

Kucheryavyi V. I., Vlasov V. P., Kein E. I.
Probability calculation of beam on the condition of inflexibility

On the basis of condition of inflexibility of beam at a bend, as a result of probabilistic decision, a probabilistic model is got for prognostication of reliability, when initial calculation variables: force, length, diameter, elasticity modulus and assumed bending are normally up-diffused. Calculation parameters allowing to provide the optimal level of reliability of beam elements on the stage of planning are set.