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Posts in category RES. 2016. Issue 1

Yushin E. S.
Discussing mechanical modeling of multiple screwing and unscrewing threaded couplings of oil tubing samples in corrosive and abrasive environments

This article presents the development of methods for assessing performance of threaded couplings of oil tubing in corrosive and abrasive environments. Illustrates a structure of the stand for holding the model simulation testing of oil tubing samples at multiple screwing and unscrewing in corrosive and abrasive environments.

Sharygin А. М., Salnikov A. V.
Accounting estimates are stress-strain state of pipelines in the carrier passes under highways

The technique of calculation justification of the parameters of the stress-strain state of the pipeline carrying case for the transition area for roads, taking into account the effect of eccentricity on the stresses in the pipe wall and the casing. The design of the transition gas pipeline under the newly built roads, allowing to carry out construction work without stopping the pump. The effect of the load on the pipeline running under the transition road from passing heavy vehicles for different values of the alignment of the pipeline and the guard.

Reshetnikova E. A., Petrenko E. L., Zemlyansky V. N.
Evaluation technological features of the structure, production and comprehensive utilization of oil shale Partymania and southern Timan of the Republic of Komi

The article presents an overview of the current state of exploration results, structure, processing and enrichment of energy resources – oil shale as solid minerals of organic origin from the shallow silts and low algal sapropel in an oxidizing environment. Aging aqueous colloidal humus led to the emergence of a homogeneous substance associated with its complex use as solid kaustobiolit.

Dudnikov V. Y.
On the methods of the horizontal orientation and the development of underground networks of support

The experience of supporting the creation of underground surveying networks. On the basis of patent search technology solutions they offered the option of using laser scanning systems. The analysis of the disadvantages of the various ways of orienting the vertical mine workings.

Ilyasov D. A., Petrov S.V.
The accounting of frictional force when pumping oil by pipeline

This article provides an analysis of the methods of pipeline transportation of high-viscosity and hardens oils. In addition, calculated the temperature of the oil transport for real pipeline, taking into account the friction force.

Glukhov A. A.
The use of the electric track heaters for transportation of high-viscosity oils and oil products

The article presents electrical track heaters for transportation of high-viscosity oils and petroleum products.

Volkova, I. I., Chepil R. S.
An analysis of the impact of hydraulic fracturing on the performance of wells by statistical methods

In the article the statistical analysis of production data for several wells in the Komi Republic, on which activities are carried out on hydraulic fracturing (fracking). It is shown that the production of oil and oily liquid has become significantly higher, the difference was statistically significant. Based on the analysis of trend lines suggested a simple method of calculating the effective time of hydraulic fracturing.

Plyakin А. M.
To the question about an origin of Timan bauxite

Two bauxite areas – Devonian area in the Middle Timan and coal area in the South Timan – are distinguished in the Timan Range. Continuous lateritic weathening profiles are observed in Devon bauxitas. These profiles are not identifield in carboniferousones. Bauxites of different age have different areas of development. Devon ones are found in the north–west of the range, and carbon ones are in the south–east. The article presents the idea of the unique process of bauxite formation in the Timan Range.

Kopeikin V. A.
The standard free Gibbs energy radium ions in aqueous solution

The problem of radioactive contamination of radium in the Ukhta region of the Republic of Kazakhstan is ten years. Radium can be converted to insoluble condition, if to create in the ways of his water migration geochemical barrier. The lack of thermodynamic data on water physico-chemical properties of radium, practically does not allow to solve this problem. The author obtained data can contribute to the calculation of the parameters of geochemical barrier on radium.

Nosenko A. V.
Costoptimization in gas trunkline

To date, the modernization of the gas transportation system is the most effective way to cost optimization in the main gas transportation and as a consequence of the increase in financial performance. In this regard, the paper presents a factorial analysis of commodity output (revenue) gas transportation company and the estimation of commercial efficiency reconstruction and modernization of gas compressor plant.

Labyznova G. G.
Diagnostics of bankruptcy threat to enterprises (on the example of LTD «ALFA-NEFT»)

This article provides an overview of the features of bankruptcy as a legal procedure. In addition, in the article there is the diagnostic of bankruptcy threat to LTD «ALFA-NEFT».

Pavlovskaya A. V.
The efficiency of drilling operations in the branch of drilling Ukhta LLC Gazprom drilling in conditions of service

In the world and domestic practice of actively developing the oil and gas service. Analysis of the oil and gas service market segments leads to the conclusion that the largest share in this market hold exploration, construction of oil and gas wells and workovers. The paper evaluated the efficiency of drilling operations in the branch of drilling Ukhta LLC Gazprom drilling of bit using the service.

Zakharov D. Y., Utkina Yu. I.
Historical overview of the development of labor law in Russia in the aspect of accounting and investigation of accidents on production

History of labour safety development in Russia is closely related to labour rights in general. In the article history is considered from the imperial period of time and before, the existence of serfage-almost the labour of slaves, did not give a possibility for the development of such notion as labour safety. It is proposed to divide the development of labour right on 6 stages. The modern period can be divided on enumeration and investigation of accidents in 90s and nowadays, as these two stages have definitive differences.

Panteleenko V. N.
Construction and technological problems of the Arctic exploration

The development of the Arctic in the long term requires significant amount of capital construction, which in this region there are not enough full-fledged construction materials – sand does not correspond to the sizing standards, gravel, you need to bring, etc. The article presents the results of studies of impregnated concrete allowing the use for the manufacture of fine Sands. Achieved a significant increase of physical and mechanical characteristics.

Tsymbalov А. А.
Borehole environment: techniques stress, physical processes and effects. Part 2

The material consists of several parts. In the second part of the work on the concentration of static and dynamic stresses from impulse actions aimed at the destruction of solid colmatant in the environment reflects the role of potential energy of deformation. The developed equations allow to estimate the efficiency of the equipment according to decontaminate inflow paths from wells.

Timokhova О. M., Timokhov R. S.
The improvement of operational properties of details of cars by using welding process

The article presents an analysis of the chemical composition of metal samples. It was established experimentally that the use of high-performance welding mode improves the technical and economic indicators.

Kucheryavyi V. I., Vlasov V. P., Konovalov M. N.
Modeling of cyclic crack resistance of structural elements

In this paper we solve the problem of model building for element stability representing its residual safety life from the appearance of the initial crack to its critical value. Element feels the pulsating cycle of alternating voltage. The problem has been solved in the Stochastic.