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Posts in category RES. 2015. Issue 2

Yagubov Z. Kh., Yagubov E. Z., Shichev P. S.
Simulation of influence of a defect in the pump and compressor installations on the stator current of the drive motor

In the article considered the possibility of increasing the effectiveness of methods of technical diagnostics equipment such as compressors, which is used as an electric induction motor with squirrel-cage rotor. The essence of the process lies in the manifestation of disturbances on the part of the mechanical part of the machine in the stator of the motor current signal. This effect can be the basis of effective methods of equipment diagnosis, that is characterized by high precision and practicality. Using the software package Matlab version (R2010a) made simulations of the stator current of the motor fluctuations that occur due to the occurrence of oscillations of torque on the motor shaft due to the birth and development of mechanical defects. Simulation model of induction motor based on a system of differential equations that describe the electromechanical energy conversion in an asynchronous machine, expressed in the x, y coordinate a speed of the rotor flux. This structure is complemented by a set of model units defining fluctuations in torque on the shaft.

Kobrunov A. I., Dorogobed A. N., Kozhevnikova P. V.
The use of technology multivariate modeling based on fuzzy set theory for approximation of multivariate relationships (for example, three-dimensional)

This paper considers the problem of prediction the parameters of physical-geological model of the environment for heterogeneous environments based on a synthesis of the principles of fuzzy inference and models of scattering. The heterogeneity of the environment is presented in the form of scattering parameters, which implements the model prediction. The prediction of parameters is replaced with the prediction of their stray fields. We consider the calculation of the approximation of the membership function on the example of 3-dimensional relationships.

Timokhova О. M., Timokhov R. S.
The use of composite materials in the forestry machine-building complex

The article provides a promising approach to enhance the reliability and durability of machines by applying composite materials. The chemical composition of the sintered coatings using dopants.

Kolominova M. V.
Ways of increase of efficiency of technological processes logging with the use of multifunction machines

The article discusses these efficiencies when working harvesters and harwarders hour as performance, specific power inputs and specific expenditure of labour.

Tsymbalov А. А.
Borehole environment: techniques stress, physical processes and effects. Part 1

The material consists of several parts. In this part of the work on the concentration of static and dynamic stresses from impulse actions aiming at the destruction of solid colmatant in the environment shows the role of the total field.

Kovaleva N. S., Osadchaya G. G., Kulagina Yu. V.
Use of ecological economic balance method to assess the biospheric status of the northern regions of the Komi Republic

The article gives the assessment and the comparative characteristic of ecological economic balance of the northern regions of the Komi Republic. The sizes are determined and the main types of environmental management are characterized. The assessment of the biospheric status, the forecast of development of the biospheric situation and the recommendation about preservation of biospheric balance are given.

Kucheryavyi V. I., Vlasov V.P., Kein Е. I.
Strength reliability of gas and oil pipelines at the flat tense state

In the article the case of estimation of the tense state of gas and oil pipelineis considered at the flat tense state, when initial parameters: pressure, diameter, thicknesses of wall of pipe, tensile of pipe steel strength normally up-diffused. At these terms a mathematical model is got for probability not offensives of the maximum state of gas and oil pipelines on the criterion of durability. The sensitiveness of reliability is investigational to changeability of initial calculation parameters, that promoted safety of exploitation of gas and oil pipelines.

Shvets S. V., Kein S. A.
Prospects for application of the method of case running with a lightweight casing lower portion

The article identifies four interval limit values of the coefficient of displacement, each of which offers a set of measures aimed at bringing the casing to TD wells under its own weight. It is shown that in the process of drilling, according to inclination can evaluate the quality of the trunk, as well as to identify intervals to be elaborated.

Sharygin А. М., Salnikov A. V.
Influence of the geometric dimensions deviations from the nominal gas pipes in continuous operation in the hoop stresses

The paper deals with the influence of the geometric dimensions deviations gas pipes from the nominal values on the hoop stresses resulting from the long-term operation of trunk pipelines. The results of the geometric monitoring of pipes, exhaust more than 25 years as part of the main gas pipelines in the Far North. According to the thickness measurement set geometric dimensions deviations from the nominal values and maximum values are defined hoop stresses in the pipe wall.

Fedotov N. S.
Technical control of the bases communication nodes strapping compressor stations

The article presents the results of research foundations pellet process piping compressor station surveying methods, and calculations of the stress-strain state of mathematical modeling.

Viznyuk Y. V.
Cost-effectiveness of the investment project

The article presents the basic concepts and indicators for assessing investment projects, the calculation of basic investment resources, the financial performance of the organization. The methods of determining cash flows, and an example of calculation of the main indicators for assessing the effectiveness of the investment project.

Parmuzin P. N.
Problems of use of coal bed methane on Vorkutsky field

According to the company Gazprom at the moment the forecast resources of methane in the major coal basins of Russia are estimated at 83.7 trillion m3, which corresponds to about one third of forecast natural gas resources of the country. The heat of combustion of coal-bed methane and natural gas are almost identical, so these gases are mutually interchangeable, as both a chemical feedstock and energy sources. The article presents an overview and analysis of the use of coal mine methane at Vorkutsky field.

Kamenskikh S. V.
Analysis of accidents on drilling companies in the Timan-Pechora province

The article provides the analysis of accident in the construction of wells in different areas and deposits, reasons of their occurrence, the main methods of their prevention and elimination.

Semerikov А. V.
Special cases of solving linear programming problems using simulation method

The article discusses the solution of linear programming problem by means of simulation. When implementing this method, it is possible to consider special cases inherent to the linear programming problem: given the wobble hypothesis, the availability of alternative solutions, the unboundedness of the domain of definition, the lack of feasible solutions.

Kazakov A. I., Nekychaev V. O., Fedorov P. V.
Analysis of operating practices for the Usa – Ukhta and Ukhta – Yaroslavl main pipelines on winter months

The article gives an analysis of the planned and real operating practices of the Usa – Ukhta and Ukhta – Yaroslavl main pipelines, the graphs of pressure and temperature of oil are calculated with the help of NIPAL, PIPESIM programs, a comparison with the actual data is conducted.

Ilse Lilibeth Lopez-Perez
Philosophy studies of gas preparation within the engineering and economical feasibility for the construction of underground gas storage in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is a major producer and consumer of hydrocarbons in the world. Engineering and economical feasibility of the need and construction possibility of a system of underground gas storage facilities to cover the uneven production and consumption was carried out as part of the development of gas reserves in the country for the medium and long term.