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Kobrunov A. I., Kuntsev V. E., Motryuk E. N.
Theoretical prerequisites and principles of realization passive hydrodynamic tomography of a permeable reservoir

This article provides the passive hydrodynamic tomography technology to analyze the spatial distribution of filtration resistance in a permeable formation. For this technology initial data as time gaps are planned to obtain by means of mathematical model for well connectivity evaluation which based on production history.

Emeksuzyan A. R.
Synthesis of methods to make decisions in the innovative process management

The article provides an overview of the methodological foundations of innovation management in enterprises, the results of the analysis and synthesis methods of innovation management. In addition, it proposes the structure of the expert system for the adoption of innovative solutions.

Rochev K. V.
An effective material incentives system of the university staff formation results review

This article briefly lists the main results of the material incentives system of the university staff conducted in Ukhta University. Encouraging high school team examined from the perspective of a systematic approach that provides full coverage by material incentives system for the whole team including faculty, staff and students. We highlighted the universal principles and criteria for the evaluation and incentive high school team. Here it is described the technique of the index evaluation of work and we developed the incentives Index system, which includes subsystems of all the above-mentioned university staff segments.

Andrukhova O. V.
An effective material incentives system of the university staff formation results review

The article presents a short characteristic of oil industry in Russia, the multidimensional comparative analysis of the largest vertically integrated oil companies is also carried out and the integrated indicator is calculated which allows to estimate the results of their activity.

Zakharov D. Y., Yamaeva E. G.
The check list method for risk reduction in well construction

Statistical data about accident rate during oil and gas production reveals the fact that drilling equipment defects and low discipline in workplace are main reasons for accidents in the process of well construction. In this article the use of the shift-time check list for examination of drill equipment and appropriate software support are suggested as a means of accident reduction.

Pyatibrat V. P., Salnikov A. V.
Evaluation of the effectiveness the oil-spill booms on water flows

The article deals with the effectiveness of oil-spill booms to contain the accidental oil and oil products spills on watercourses. Particular attention is paid to the construction of a mathematical model to estimate the maximum amount of oil retained on the height of the underwater part of the boom.

Zasovskaya M. A.
Quantum-chemical modeling of the cluster hydrolysis process SOCl2 water dimers using Gaussian and Moltran software packages

Considering significance, a new important method of chemical research such as quantum-chemical calculation, which allows to predict geometrical structure, energy and other properties of the known and unknown molecules is compared to nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR). It should be noted that quantum-chemical research increases the number of chemical compounds not confined only to the synthesized one.
All calculations were performed on the program Gaussian03. This pro-gram predicts the energies, molecular structures, vibrational frequencies and molecular properties of molecules and reactions in a wide variety of chemical environments. Gaussian 03’s models can be applied to both stable species and compounds which are difficult or impossible to observe experimentally (e.g., short-lived intermediates and transition structures).

Smirnov Yu. G.
Theoretical analysis of the coalescence of oil emulsion droplets in the electric field

The theoretical analysis of the model describing the effect of an external electric field in the water-oil emulsion is performed. On the basis of computer simulations it was shown that the introduction of a small number of large emulsion droplets into the system can accelerate the process of emulsion coalescence.

Tsymbalov А. А.
Conditions of permeable soil stress state around the well

This paper gives the description of the stressed-deformed state in the area of artificial soil around water wells; voltage components are specified here as well.

Chuprov I. F., Kaneva E. A.
Modeling of the two-phase non-isothermal influx in horizontal wells

Under fundamental researches of Joshi, S. D. the working equation is reconstructed to estimate the two-phase influx (oil and gas) in horizontal wells under thermal effect in case of homogeneous oil formation and layered non-homogeneous oil formation. The method of calculating current and cumulative oil and water production is developed by means of control volume approach. The comparative analysis of obtained results is carried out.

Glukhov A. A., Gaynutdinov V. V.
Methods of heating viscous oil products in transport containers

The article presents methods of heating viscous oil products in transport containers.

Dudnikov V. Yu.
State cadastral registration of land plots as a part of specially protected territories and objects

The features of cadastral registration procedure of cultural heritage are given in the article. The regulatory framework analysis as the basis of accounting procedures is carried out.

Durkin S. M., Morozyuk O. A., Ruzin L. M.
The influence of impermeable interlayers on the technological characteristics of the development of heavy oil and bitumen

In relation to the increase in the share of heavy viscous oil reserves in the world and the difficult economic situation, the oil industry needs new, more effective technologies of its production. Today the only method of extraction of the deposits is thermal. Yarega oil field was one of the first in Russia to have started the oil field development by the method on an industrial scale. Oil field development in small mine blocks is another feature that allowed to test and implement various technologies for more than 40 years of operating experience. Modern software systems are necessary to implement the technologies successfully and carry out numerical model studies on the basis of reliable source data.

Bykov I. Yu., Zaikin S. F., Perminov B. A.
Cost estimation capacity of the drive rotor

The analysis of the beat vibrations of the drill string is carried out. We considered the reasons of beat occurrence. According to the results of experiments, we established the extreme range of critical values of axial load, which determines the availability of the beats. We identified dependencies and recommendations on drilling parameters.

Слово главного редактора

Акцент на повышении публикационной активности профессорско-преподавательского состава вуза – это, конечно, примета последнего десятилетия в развитии отечественного образования. И в целом её нельзя не приветствовать, потому что основной формой демонстрации итогов научного исследования является именно публикация – письменно зафиксированный результат, представленный на суд научного сообщества. Любое открытие, изобретение, любое новое решение в науке, чтобы найти […]

Kucheryavyi V. I., Vlasov V. P., Konovalov M. N.
Prediction of stress corrosion damage in gas pipelines

The paper presents a mathematical model of stress-corrosion damage to pipelines, depending on the period of their long-term operation. Implementation of the method improved the safety of operation of gas pipelines and their residual life.