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Posts in category RES. 2018. Issue 1

Nekuchaev V. O., Mikheev D. M.
Method and results of the investigation of the field of permanent magnets action on the rheology of anomalous oils of the Timan-Pechora Oil and Gas Province

In this paper, we investigated the effect of a magnetic field on the flow curves and the viscosity of anomalous oils in the flow-through processing mode and com-pared the results with the effect of heat treatment. An experimental setup was devel-oped to study the effect of a constant magnetic field of different configurations on the rheological characteristics of oils in steady state and flow-through conditions.

Sitnikov A. V., Dudnikov V. Y., Osadchaya G. G.
To the issue of the volume of engineering surveys that provides for the minimization of risks associated with the operation of pipeline oil and gas transportation facilities in the permafrost zone

In the article on a concrete example of insufficient consideration of the com-plexity of engineering and geological conditions of construction, a conclusion is made about the need for an integrated approach to the study of territories, both within the scope of research for the projected object and the adjacent one.

Durkin S. M., Menshikova I. N.
Effect of dissolved gas in oil to technological development indicators under thermo-roasting method of oil production

Hydrodynamic modeling of the Yarega oilfield block was considered for the first time. The block is developed by thermo-mining method. Influence of dissolved gas in oil on technological indicators of development is considered. The positive effect was revealed of dissolved gas on oil production. The mode of the dissolved gas is activated when heat is applied to the reservoir of the Yarega oilfield. Activa-tion factors: oil viscosity reduction; separation of dissolved gas from oil; tempera-ture expansion of free gas. The current energy state of the reservoir makes it possi-ble to use the hydrodynamic model without taking into account the dissolved gas. Problems in numerical modeling are revealed. These problems are related to the quality of the source information. The authors have developed recommendations for eliminating problems.

Veryaskina E. M.
Analysis of ways to improve physical and technical characteristics of road concrete

The problem of the use of cement in the construction of don baton is currently of particular relevance due to the need to improve the quality of roads. In recent years, new effective binders, modification for binders and loafs, active mineral additives and politely reinforcing bologna, new techniques and methods for obtaining building composites, the possibility of forecasting the properties of the material and, accordingly, the opportunity to improve the complex of physical and technical properties of concrete.

Vlasova A. V., Salnikov A. V.
Development of a coupler made of fiberglass composite fibrous materials for the repair of oil pipelines in the Arctic shelf

The article deals with the development of a coupling design made of fiber-glass composite fibrous materials for the repair of oil pipelines in conditions of low temperatures. Based on the analysis of existing repair couplings and non-metallic constructions and harsh conditions for the operation of pipelines in the Far North and the Arctic shelf, the design of a coupling is proposed that allows repairing oil pipelines with various defects, including through-holes.

Shammazov I. A.
The application of the theory of catastrophes in the diagnosis of tube bundles of gas air-cooling apparatus at compressor stations

The article deals with the application of the theory of chaos in the diagnostics of tube bundles of gas air coolers at compressor stations. On the basis of the works carried out, it has been established that periodic cleaning of the surfaces of gas air-cooling apparatuses, taking into account the local state of the surfaces of the apparatuses, is ineffective. Based on the theory of catastrophes, a method for estimating the state of the surface of air-cooling devices is proposed, which makes it possible to analytically monitor the intensity and nature of the accumulation of contaminants.

Isupova E. V.
Analysis of methods for increasing the effectiveness of the technological underground pipelines’ corrosion protection in the presence of the phenomenon of screening of cathode current

The article presents the results of the review and analysis of practical solu-tions allowing to reduce the influence of protective grounding of electrical equip-ment on the efficiency of corrosion protection of industrial pipelines. In addition, there are given some examples of using devices for galvanic isolation by direct cur-rent of electrochemical protection systems and protective grounding, the introduc-tion of which has received the most widespread abroad. There was proposed new device, consists of diodes connected in the opposite direction, which will provide the required voltage drop between the protected structure and grounding and al-lows minimizing the influence of groundings on the efficiency of cathodic protec-tion, reduces the power consumption for cathodic protection, reduces the load on converters of cathodic protection stations and avoids the accelerated loss of metal anodes.

Salnikov A. V.
Industrial refining of oil in the North of Russia in the XVIII century

In the series of articles, the development and actual state of the question of the industrial division of oil in the North of Russia in the XVIII century is consid-ered. Based on the analysis of the sources discovered to date, the prerequisites and possibilities for the formation and development of oil refining produced on the Ukhta River in the period from 1746 to 1767 were considered.

Durkin S. M., Trulev A. V., Menshikova I. N.
Improvement of technology for development of high-viscosity oil deposits with low thickness

The article presents the developed technology to improve the efficiency of in-volving the reserves of high – viscosity oil concentrated in complex reservoirs, the effective oil-saturated thickness of which does not exceed 6–15 m to maximize the extraction of hydrocarbons, it is proposed to use a horizontal well, which will serve as a production and injection well. One of the main problems is the ability of deep pumping equipment to operate at high temperatures during steam injection. Nevertheless, this problem is solved with the help of new developed technical means

Danilov G. V., Rochev K. V.
The organizational structure of the Ukhta Technical University Complex. Part 2

The article deals with the proposals for the modernization of management systems: personnel, corporate environment, organization of mass events, information support and psychological and sociological support of the educational process. The changes occurred in the structure of higher education institution following the results of consideration of the specified offers on modernization are noted.

Steblyanskaya A. N.1, Wang Zhen2, Razmanova S. V.3
Russian Arctic LNG: new trends and opportunities

Nowadays LNG market is a «new vision» of the gas market, transforming traditional image of energy. Arctic LNG projects show clear evidence that gas industry is able to generate modern high-tech solutions. Paper presents data concerning LNG market globalization, growth EU energy trade with Russia, including increasing sales share in spot markets and new gas production, processing and transportation technologies implementation.

Solodovnikov S. Yu.
New structural policy and institutional change in the nanoindustry

The article reveals the relationship between the new structural policy of the state and changes in the institutional dynamics of the nanoindustry, which made it possible to draw a conclusion about the need to form a new structure of the national economy, the basis of which should be the super-industrial industrial structure. There are defined the measures, that need to be systematically implemented to create optimal conditions for the implementation of this model in the Republic of Belarus.