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Seratirova V. V
Experience in assessing the ecological status of territories objects the elimination of the gas producing company

Ukhta State Technical University, Ukhta A typical section of the tundra zone of the Far North is considered as an object of study. Such areas are amenable to slow and difficult recovery after man-made development. Therefore, an urgent task can be considered to assess the state of the environment in the zone of significant influence […]

Kazakov A. I., Lyapin A. Yu., Nekuchaev V. O.
Investigation of the asphalt and wax depositsformation kinetics in high-paraffin oil transport on pipelines “Usa – Ukhta” and “Ukhta – Yaroslavl” by the methods of “cold finger” and optical microscopy

In this paper experimental studies of asphalt and wax deposits formation, the temperature of wax crystallization starting and the temperature of mass crystallization in oils transported on pipelines “Usa – Ukhta” and “Ukhta – Yaroslavl” were made using two methods: the method of “cold finger” and optical microscopy in polarized
light. Experiments were carried out with crude oil and oil with the addition of chemical reagents. Of the three studied inhibitors the most effective inhibitor is Proshinor. The method of optical microscopy showed that Proshinor inhibitor reduces the ability of wax crystals to aggregate and form clusters. The values of the temperature of the starting of wax crystallization measured in this work by the cold finger method are usually
4–5 degrees higher than the values measured by optical microscopy

Dudnikov V. Yu., Osadchaya G. G., Dudnikova S. A.
Directions of use of composite materials based on cryogel in the construction and operation of pipeline transportation facilities

The experience and prospects for using the soil cryostructuring technique are
described. It is noted that it is necessary to adapt the experience of using cryogels for
such an important component of the production infrastructure such as pipeline
transport of hydrocarbons.

Zakirova G. S.
The study of phase states of multicomponent hydrocarbon mixtures with using the REFPROP software complex

The author substantiates the possibility of using the REFPROP software package for automating the selection of the composition of a multicomponent hydrocarbon
mixture – a mixture of gas and gas condensate – for further use at a selected temperature and pressure range. The procedure for using the complex is considered in detail
using the example of calculating the thermophysical properties and phase equilibria
of a multicomponent mixture of hydrocarbons.

Dmitriev R. A., Levitin R. E.
Uncertainties of the hydrocarbon vaporization calculation main methods

Modern methods do not allow to determine the actual evaporation amount with
high accuracy. This article describes the basic techniques errors. In each of them the
coefficients leading to significant errors in the final calculation are given. These methods do not take into account the current operating conditions of tank farms and their
equipment. Steps are also proposed to minimize inaccuracies in the calculation of the
gross emissions amount

Volkova I. I., Shilovskii I. A., Volkov А. А.
To the question of the assessment of the resource of the condensate line

Summary: The paper compares the methods of estimating the pipeline resource
by linear probabilistic methods. 38 sections of plumes and bends were analyzed. The
analysis of the law of distribution of parameters of corrosion damages is carried out.

Islamov R. R., Aginey R. V., Godunov A. A.
Experimental studies of the influence of features of the design of fiberoptic sensors on the measurement results of the stress-strain state of pipelines

Transneft-Sever, Ukhta; Giprogaztsentr, Nizhniy Novgorod; Gazprom transgaz Nizhniy Novgorod, Nizhniy Novgorod The construction of pipelines in difficult engineering-geological and climatic conditions of the area leads to the need to organize monitoring systems to assess their actual technical condition. Technologies based on the use of modern long-term monitoring systems for the stress-strain state of fiber-optic sensors […]

Osadchaya G. G.
Bolshezemelskaya tundra geographical features of the variability of the permafrost characteristics

Ukhta State Technical University, Ukhta Analysis of the information on the Bolshezemelskaya tundra cryolithozone made it possible to identify the features of the geographical variability of the permafrost parameters of the territory. Zonal are areas of permafrost and its thickness. To a lesser extent, the natural and geocryological zonality is reflected in such an indicator […]

Kamenskikh S. V., Ulyasheva N. M.
Investigation of the asphalt and wax depositsformation kinetics in high-paraffin oil transport on pipelines “Usa – Ukhta” and “Ukhta – Yaroslavl” by the methods of “cold finger” and optical microscopy

Ukhta State Technical University, Ukhta Drilling wells in the high-permeability rocks containing hydrogen sulfide promotes emergence of the accompanying complications and accidents which increase terms and cost of construction of wells. The analysis of researches of domestic and foreign researchers shows that when drilling in such conditions emergence of absorption and differential holding straps is […]

Salnikov A. V., Novoselov M. D.
Improving the computational methodology for forecasting the technical condition of trunk gas pipelines according to the in-line diagnostic examination

Ukhta State Technical University, Ukhta Reliable and trouble-free operation of gas pipelines is impossible without a system for predicting their technical condition. The main regulatory document defining the procedure for constructing forecast models for changing the state of gas pipeline sections (STO Gazprom 2-2.3-292-2009) was published 10 years ago and has not been updated in […]

Isupova E. V.
Analysis of methods for measuring the strength of stray current flowing through underground gas and oil pipelines

Ukhta State Technical University, Ukhta The article presents the problem of assessing the strength of stray current flowing through the underground pipelines, including non-classical sources, in terms of the corrosion risk in the presence of damage to the insulation coating. There has been developed a classification of stray currents by type and frequency, which allows […]

Chernyatin A. S., Razumovsky I. A., Zorin A. E., Zorin N. E.
Evaluation of the crack resistance of a pipeline with an internal crack by the deformation response on the outer surface

The aim of the presented work is to show the possibility of estimating the crack resistance of a pipeline with a surface crack located on the inner side of the wall using the recorded deformation response on the outer surface during loading / unloading of the pipeline. The solution of this problem is carried out in two stages: at the first stage, the localization and geometrical parameters of the defect are determined on the basis of mathematical processing of displacements fields of points on the pipeline surface in the defected area recorded by optical methods. At the second stage, the singular and nonsingular terms of stress expansion in the vicinity of the crack front are calculated to apply the crack resistance criteria of the so-called two-parameter fracture mechanics.

Nikulin S. A., Karnavsky E. L., Aginey R. V.
Research of efficiency of security electrochemical protection from corrosion for pipelines prepared for reconstruction with method “pipe in pipe”

The questions of recovering protective potential on underwater transitions of pipelines, in the presence of damages of insulating covering are considered. The way of ensuring security by means of laying of extended anode grounding in a conducting cover is considered. Use of a conducting cover with various specific electric resistance is offered. By results of mathematical modeling it is proved that application of a conducting pipe with various specific electric resistance allows to achieve more rational distribution of potentials with reduction of current of station of cathodic protection.

Kamenskikh S. V., Ulyasheva N. M.
Evaluation of the effect of buffer liquids on the intensity of destruction of filter cakes in casing

The article deals with the problem of removal from the wall of the wellbore formed by drilling mud filter cake, which, on the one hand, greatly reduces further penetration of the flushing liquid into the reservoir, and on the other prevents a reliable separation of the seams while cementing casing. In the work conducted and presents the results of laboratory tests for the assessment of washing ability of different buffer liquids, including solutions of inorganic salts (electrolytes) with the addition of the stabilizer is CMC as using additional reagents (NTF and Atren SA), and without them. Based on the conducted experiments and investigated the dependence of the cleaning ability of buffer liquids of the type and concentration of drilling fluids, inorganic salts and additional reagents, etc.

Vasilyev S. I., Ortman A. S., Zhubrin V. G., Neudachin D. V.
The results of the study of the characteristics of seasonally frozen soils, insulated with urea foam

The possibility of protecting soils from seasonal freezing, to reduce their strength during construction and remediation of oil and gas fields development sites, is considered. The results of the study of the temperature and strength of the soil in the range of regional depths of seasonal freezing from 100 mm to 1200 mm are presented, graphs of the temperature of the soil in this depth range depending on the ambient temperature and the period of soil freezing are obtained. The minimum acceptable thickness of carbamide foam is justified.

Salnikov A. V., Shcherbatyuk Y. V.
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the use of solvents for cleaning small-diameter pipelines from asphalt-tar-paraffin deposits

In the article the questions of the estimation of the effectiveness of the use of the solvents Azol 4020, Nefras-S2-80 / 120, toluene (methylbenzene), acetone (dimethyl ketone), n-hexane for the cleaning of small diameter pipelines from asphalt and resin paraffin deposits. The results of laboratory studies on the effect of changing the tem-perature of the solvent and the rate of washing on the removal efficiency of asphalt-tar-paraffin deposits from such piping are presented.

Nekuchaev V. O., Mikheev М. M.
Influence of heat treatment and ultrasound on the viscosity of high-paraffinic oil of the Kyrtaelsk deposit of Komi Republic

The paper studies the flow curves, from which the values of viscosity, high-par-affin oil of the Kyrtael field of the Komi Republic at low temperatures, exposed to heat (heat treatment) and ultrasonic treatment. It is shown that the effect of acoustic treat-ment on the rheology of the oil is similar to the effect of heat treatment when heated to the same temperature. Heating up to 80°C significantly reduces the viscosity and thix-otropic properties of Kyrtael oil at low temperatures at both heating methods. Heat treatment and ultrasonic heating to temperatures in the range of 40-60 °C significantly worsen the same rheological properties.

Kuzin A. V.
Problems and prospects of geological study siliceous strata sublatitudinal 20 km north Yekaterinburg

Studied strata sublatitudinal chert, siliceous shale, mudstone, siderite, occurring in sub-vertical position. Power thickness of more than 5 km stretch from west to east 20 km. Objective – to determine the direction of incidence strata of sources and deploy-ment time, formation type column and its metallogenic specialization. Methods – con-ducting electric and magnetic survey, radiometric shooting on the local area, sam-pling, study of thin sections and polished sections. The plot is located in the central part of the area of known mineralization elliptical arsenic species, sulfosalts, tellu-rides, controlling its placement in the southern part of Berezovsky, and in the north – Blagodatsky gold deposits. Overall precipitation flyschoid sequences assigned to the formation. It was found north direction cut capacity, the presence of dislocation frac-ture, metasomatic sericite-calcite-sulfide study species, the presence of layers of hem-atite schist by siderite. The density, magnetic susceptibility, radioactivity, electrical resistivity of various lithological varieties of rock strata in the samples and in situ. The presence of clay layers of tape, allegedly formed in the Cenozoic-Neogene in the res-ervoir, the bottom and the shores of which were presented siliceous shales occurring in sub-vertical position. Dextral dislocation flyschoid thickness and its inclination to the north occurred before the introduction of the Carboniferous in the large Verch-Iset granodiorite massif, before the formation of the average thickness of the Devonian volcanic rocks of andesite formation. Results can be used to predict the deposits of oxidized iron ore, gold mineralization on the electrochemical barrier at the intersec-tion of gold-bearing dykes of granite porphyry and hematite schists.

Terentyev A. A., Durkin S. M.
A comparison of the different approaches of the forecast of technological parameters of development of deposits high-viscosity oils

As the reserves of light oils are developed more and more ahead of time, the problem of involving abnormally viscous oils and bitumens in the active development of huge resources becomes more and more urgent from year to year. The experience of laboratory and field studies accumulated to date shows that the most effective and industrially developed technology for the development of such resources is thermal methods of oil production. One of the most important tasks in the design of fields is to predict the volume of oil production. It is extremely important for the management of

oil companies to determine the payback period based on the forecast of recoverable products. In this work is the calculation of the technological parameters of thermal-mining development for the sector B mining unit 2T-4, which will be developed mod-ernized thermal-mining system. Forecasting of productive characteristics was per-formed using numerical modeling, construction of one-factor statistical regression on the actual data of experimental sites OPU-2 bis, OPU-3 bis and using an analytical method for calculating technological indicators of development.