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Salnikov A. V., Shcherbatyuk Y. V.
Evaluation of the effectiveness of the use of solvents for cleaning small-diameter pipelines from asphalt-tar-paraffin deposits

In the article the questions of the estimation of the effectiveness of the use of the solvents Azol 4020, Nefras-S2-80 / 120, toluene (methylbenzene), acetone (dimethyl ketone), n-hexane for the cleaning of small diameter pipelines from asphalt and resin paraffin deposits. The results of laboratory studies on the effect of changing the tem-perature of the solvent and the rate of washing on the removal efficiency of asphalt-tar-paraffin deposits from such piping are presented.

Nekuchaev V. O., Mikheev М. M.
Influence of heat treatment and ultrasound on the viscosity of high-paraffinic oil of the Kyrtaelsk deposit of Komi Republic

The paper studies the flow curves, from which the values of viscosity, high-par-affin oil of the Kyrtael field of the Komi Republic at low temperatures, exposed to heat (heat treatment) and ultrasonic treatment. It is shown that the effect of acoustic treat-ment on the rheology of the oil is similar to the effect of heat treatment when heated to the same temperature. Heating up to 80°C significantly reduces the viscosity and thix-otropic properties of Kyrtael oil at low temperatures at both heating methods. Heat treatment and ultrasonic heating to temperatures in the range of 40-60 °C significantly worsen the same rheological properties.

Kuzin A. V.
Problems and prospects of geological study siliceous strata sublatitudinal 20 km north Yekaterinburg

Studied strata sublatitudinal chert, siliceous shale, mudstone, siderite, occurring in sub-vertical position. Power thickness of more than 5 km stretch from west to east 20 km. Objective – to determine the direction of incidence strata of sources and deploy-ment time, formation type column and its metallogenic specialization. Methods – con-ducting electric and magnetic survey, radiometric shooting on the local area, sam-pling, study of thin sections and polished sections. The plot is located in the central part of the area of known mineralization elliptical arsenic species, sulfosalts, tellu-rides, controlling its placement in the southern part of Berezovsky, and in the north – Blagodatsky gold deposits. Overall precipitation flyschoid sequences assigned to the formation. It was found north direction cut capacity, the presence of dislocation frac-ture, metasomatic sericite-calcite-sulfide study species, the presence of layers of hem-atite schist by siderite. The density, magnetic susceptibility, radioactivity, electrical resistivity of various lithological varieties of rock strata in the samples and in situ. The presence of clay layers of tape, allegedly formed in the Cenozoic-Neogene in the res-ervoir, the bottom and the shores of which were presented siliceous shales occurring in sub-vertical position. Dextral dislocation flyschoid thickness and its inclination to the north occurred before the introduction of the Carboniferous in the large Verch-Iset granodiorite massif, before the formation of the average thickness of the Devonian volcanic rocks of andesite formation. Results can be used to predict the deposits of oxidized iron ore, gold mineralization on the electrochemical barrier at the intersec-tion of gold-bearing dykes of granite porphyry and hematite schists.

Terentyev A. A., Durkin S. M.
A comparison of the different approaches of the forecast of technological parameters of development of deposits high-viscosity oils

As the reserves of light oils are developed more and more ahead of time, the problem of involving abnormally viscous oils and bitumens in the active development of huge resources becomes more and more urgent from year to year. The experience of laboratory and field studies accumulated to date shows that the most effective and industrially developed technology for the development of such resources is thermal methods of oil production. One of the most important tasks in the design of fields is to predict the volume of oil production. It is extremely important for the management of

oil companies to determine the payback period based on the forecast of recoverable products. In this work is the calculation of the technological parameters of thermal-mining development for the sector B mining unit 2T-4, which will be developed mod-ernized thermal-mining system. Forecasting of productive characteristics was per-formed using numerical modeling, construction of one-factor statistical regression on the actual data of experimental sites OPU-2 bis, OPU-3 bis and using an analytical method for calculating technological indicators of development.

Kamenskikh S. V., Ulyasheva N. M.
Evaluation of the effect of buffer liquids on the intensity of destruction of filter cakes in casing

he article deals with the problem of removal from the wall of the wellbore formed by drilling mud filter cake, which, on the one hand, greatly reduces further penetration of the flushing liquid into the reservoir, and on the other prevents a reliable separation of the seams while cementing casing. In the work conducted and presents the results of laboratory tests for the assessment of washing ability of different buffer liquids, including solutions of inorganic salts (electrolytes) with the addition of the

stabilizer is CMC as using additional reagents (NTF and Atren SA), and without them. Based on the conducted experiments and investigated the dependence of the cleaning ability of buffer liquids of the type and concentration of drilling fluids, inorganic salts and additional reagents, etc.

Nekuchaev V. O., Mikheev D. M.
Method and results of the investigation of the field of permanent magnets action on the rheology of anomalous oils of the Timan-Pechora Oil and Gas Province

In this paper, we investigated the effect of a magnetic field on the flow curves and the viscosity of anomalous oils in the flow-through processing mode and com-pared the results with the effect of heat treatment. An experimental setup was devel-oped to study the effect of a constant magnetic field of different configurations on the rheological characteristics of oils in steady state and flow-through conditions.

Sitnikov A. V., Dudnikov V. Y., Osadchaya G. G.
To the issue of the volume of engineering surveys that provides for the minimization of risks associated with the operation of pipeline oil and gas transportation facilities in the permafrost zone

In the article on a concrete example of insufficient consideration of the com-plexity of engineering and geological conditions of construction, a conclusion is made about the need for an integrated approach to the study of territories, both within the scope of research for the projected object and the adjacent one.

Durkin S. M., Menshikova I. N.
Effect of dissolved gas in oil to technological development indicators under thermo-roasting method of oil production

Hydrodynamic modeling of the Yarega oilfield block was considered for the first time. The block is developed by thermo-mining method. Influence of dissolved gas in oil on technological indicators of development is considered. The positive effect was revealed of dissolved gas on oil production. The mode of the dissolved gas is activated when heat is applied to the reservoir of the Yarega oilfield. Activa-tion factors: oil viscosity reduction; separation of dissolved gas from oil; tempera-ture expansion of free gas. The current energy state of the reservoir makes it possi-ble to use the hydrodynamic model without taking into account the dissolved gas. Problems in numerical modeling are revealed. These problems are related to the quality of the source information. The authors have developed recommendations for eliminating problems.

Veryaskina E. M.
Analysis of ways to improve physical and technical characteristics of road concrete

The problem of the use of cement in the construction of don baton is currently of particular relevance due to the need to improve the quality of roads. In recent years, new effective binders, modification for binders and loafs, active mineral additives and politely reinforcing bologna, new techniques and methods for obtaining building composites, the possibility of forecasting the properties of the material and, accordingly, the opportunity to improve the complex of physical and technical properties of concrete.

Vlasova A. V., Salnikov A. V.
Development of a coupler made of fiberglass composite fibrous materials for the repair of oil pipelines in the Arctic shelf

The article deals with the development of a coupling design made of fiber-glass composite fibrous materials for the repair of oil pipelines in conditions of low temperatures. Based on the analysis of existing repair couplings and non-metallic constructions and harsh conditions for the operation of pipelines in the Far North and the Arctic shelf, the design of a coupling is proposed that allows repairing oil pipelines with various defects, including through-holes.

Shammazov I. A.
The application of the theory of catastrophes in the diagnosis of tube bundles of gas air-cooling apparatus at compressor stations

The article deals with the application of the theory of chaos in the diagnostics of tube bundles of gas air coolers at compressor stations. On the basis of the works carried out, it has been established that periodic cleaning of the surfaces of gas air-cooling apparatuses, taking into account the local state of the surfaces of the apparatuses, is ineffective. Based on the theory of catastrophes, a method for estimating the state of the surface of air-cooling devices is proposed, which makes it possible to analytically monitor the intensity and nature of the accumulation of contaminants.

Isupova E. V.
Analysis of methods for increasing the effectiveness of the technological underground pipelines’ corrosion protection in the presence of the phenomenon of screening of cathode current

The article presents the results of the review and analysis of practical solu-tions allowing to reduce the influence of protective grounding of electrical equip-ment on the efficiency of corrosion protection of industrial pipelines. In addition, there are given some examples of using devices for galvanic isolation by direct cur-rent of electrochemical protection systems and protective grounding, the introduc-tion of which has received the most widespread abroad. There was proposed new device, consists of diodes connected in the opposite direction, which will provide the required voltage drop between the protected structure and grounding and al-lows minimizing the influence of groundings on the efficiency of cathodic protec-tion, reduces the power consumption for cathodic protection, reduces the load on converters of cathodic protection stations and avoids the accelerated loss of metal anodes.

Salnikov A. V.
Industrial refining of oil in the North of Russia in the XVIII century

In the series of articles, the development and actual state of the question of the industrial division of oil in the North of Russia in the XVIII century is consid-ered. Based on the analysis of the sources discovered to date, the prerequisites and possibilities for the formation and development of oil refining produced on the Ukhta River in the period from 1746 to 1767 were considered.

Durkin S. M., Trulev A. V., Menshikova I. N.
Improvement of technology for development of high-viscosity oil deposits with low thickness

The article presents the developed technology to improve the efficiency of in-volving the reserves of high – viscosity oil concentrated in complex reservoirs, the effective oil-saturated thickness of which does not exceed 6–15 m to maximize the extraction of hydrocarbons, it is proposed to use a horizontal well, which will serve as a production and injection well. One of the main problems is the ability of deep pumping equipment to operate at high temperatures during steam injection. Nevertheless, this problem is solved with the help of new developed technical means

Volkov A. A., Volkova I. I.
On the kinetic hydrate inhibitors

The effect of different factors on the kinetics of natural gas hydrate formation is discussed in the paper. Based on the Langmuir equation, the polyelectrolytes are defined to be adsorbed on the surface of kinetic hydrate inhibitors like polyvi-nylcaprolactam (PVСар) forming a monomolecular film.

Isaev A. A., Takhautdinov R. Sh., Malykhin V. I., Sharifullin A. A.
Comparative analysis of the efficiency of various acid compositions and demulsifiers in production wells

Experiments have been carried out to evaluate the efficiency of dissolving car-bonate deposits. The effect of the reactant on the change in the filtration characteris-tics of a carbonate porous medium has been studied. The selection of components for an oil-acid compound based on the chemical product Sulfoil-K for acid fracturing in high-temperature wells was carried out. We showed the possibility of using the Sul-foil-K chemical product as a basis for preparation of acid compounds for cleaning the downhole pumping equipment from deposits of carbonate salts, as well as and additive for preparation of a filter cake removal compound based on hydrogen perox-ide. A comparative analysis of the demulsifiers Reapon OFC-D and Divoil was car-ried out.

Kamenskikh S. V.
Research and formulation biopolymer bridging of the mixture for elimination of lost circulation in permeable rocks

The studies of many domestic and foreign scientists, as well as field experience in drilling operations show that acquisitions are one of the most common and costly types of complications. Therefore, the development of drilling technology in condi-tions of acquisitions is an important task and requires comprehensive study to ensure high-quality insulation of high permeable rocks. However, the situation is complicat-ed by the diversity of mining and geological drilling conditions and absorbing layers, which can vary widely, resulting in the use of “traditional” and the same methods of elimination of acquisitions is ineffective. It is shown that one of the promising and ef-fective methods of absorbing layers isolation is mudding. The article presents part of the experimental studies for determining the intensity of mudding from time to time using a high temperature press high pressure filter. Developed by biopolymer bridg-ing of the mixture to effectively collaterality highly permeable ceramic filters in a relatively short time.

Isaev A. A., Takhautdinov R. Sh., Malykhin V. I., Sharifullin A. A.
Analysis of the solvent capacity of various hydrocarbon solvents for various types of asphaltene, resin and paraffin deposits (ARPD)

The efficiency of hydrocarbon solvents for ARPD on the basis of by-products of petrochemical products is evaluated. The dissolving efficiency of the absorbents A2, Bottom Residue of Benzene Distillation (BRBD) and Bottom Residue of Ethyl Ben-zene Distillation (BRED) and compositions based on them is defined. It has been found that the solvent capacity of petroleum solvents with respect to ARPD grows as the content of aromatic hydrocarbons increases. Recommendations have been made to enable the hydrocarbon solvent to penetrate the inner layers of ARPD through a water film enveloping asphalt-resin and paraffin agglomerates.

Nekuchaev V. O., Sokolov A. A.
Nonstationary properties of the flow curves of anomalous oils

Experimental studies of the thixotropic properties of the high-paraffin oil of the Kyrtayolskoe field and the high-viscosity bituminous oil Usa permo-carbon field were carried out in the work. Flow curves for different temperatures are recorded, hyste-resis loops are fixed, and loop area dependences, characterizing the degree of thixot-ropy, are plotted against temperature. An experimental method for measuring non-stationary parameters of thixotropic oils using a pulse-intermittent method of defor-mation of an oil sample and recording a flow curve was experimentally realized.