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Salnikov A. V.
History and prospects for the development of methods for the elimination of accidental oil spills in ice seas

The development of the hydrocarbon resources of the Arctic shelf is limited by
the extreme environmental conditions and the harsh requirements for the reliability
and safety of work. Therefore, the problem of oil spill response (OSR) in the conditions
of ice seas is an urgent task today.
The article discusses the methods and means of oil spill response, used in ice
seas, their effectiveness and factors hindering their development. The analysis of the
history of the application of these methods and tools, the current status and prospects
of their scientific and technological development is presented

Zhangabylov R. A.
The first results of the use of the mine method of developing oil fields on Yarega: drilling underground wells

Ukhta State Technical University, Ukhta In the series of articles, the first results of the industrial application of the mine method of oil production in the conditions of the Yarega field in the period 1939-1944 are reviewed. Based on the analysis of literary sources, archival materials, the basic prerequisites for the use of the mining […]

Salnikov A. V.
Industrial refining of oil in the North of Russia in the XVIII century: «a chemical factory» owned by F. S. Pryadunov

In the series of articles, the development and the current state of the issue of industrial oil bifurcation in the North of Russia in the 18th century are considered. Based on the analysis of the sources discovered to date, the background and possibilities of the development of oil refining, produced on the Ukhta River in the period from 1746 to 1767, are considered. This article attempts to summarize the results of research on this issue, conducted in the middle of the twentieth century.

Ivanov A. I., Khusainov R. M., Mastobaev B. N.
Railway transport of liquid cargo of Germany of the mid-XX century

The paper considers the stages of the formation and development of rail transport of hydrocarbons in Germany. The approach to the design and construction of railway tanks, the elements of their equipment is shown. The management railway companies, manufacturing plants and the influence of the political situation on their work and technologies for the construction of railway tanks are noted. Keywords